fruit Falooda

10 minutes time Stuff 1 kg milk1 cup vermicelli1 mango1 pomegranate1 apple150 g sugardry fruits as needed MethodFirst of all we’ll put the vermicelli during a hot pan then fry it, heat the milk tons, when it involves a boil, we’ll put the roasted vermicelli then put sugar in it and cook till it becomes … Read more

Arabic leaf dumplings

15 to twenty minutes time Stuff 6-7 Arabic leaves1 bowl besan1/2 cup rice flour1 teaspoon red flavorer1 teaspoon cumin1 tsp amchur powder1 teaspoon red flavorer1 tsp garam masala1 teaspoon celery1 pinch asafoetidasalt to taste1 tsp mustard Method First of all, wash and clean the leaves of Arabic, then cut its stalk. Then during a mixer … Read more

Rajma Rice Recipe

25 to half-hour time Stuff 250 grams rajma4 tomatoes2 onions6-7 garlic cloves2 green chilies1-inch piece of ginger1 tsp turmeric powder1 teaspoon red flavorer1 tsp garam masalasalt to taste Method First of all, soak the rajma together for 6 hours or for the entire night, when the rajma gets soaked and swells, then boil the rajma … Read more

Onion Aloo Paratha Recipe

10 to 15 minutes time Stuffabout 2 people6-7 boiled potatoes2 onions chopped2 green chilies1 bowl green coriandersalt to taste1 tsp red chilia little oil250 grams flour MethodFirst of all, add water to the flour and knead it. After mashing the boiled potatoes, finely chop the onion, finely chop the green chilies and coriander and add … Read more

Kashmiri Phirni recipe

Stuff1-liter milk2 tbsp Rava soaked in water4 cardamom8-10 almonds soaked in a predicamentas required some cashews sliceda little saffron as required3-4 tsp sugar1/2 cup milkmaidas required Few chopped almonds for garnish Method Keep all the ingredients ready. Take milk in a pan and boil it. Add crushed cardamom thereto . Remove the skin of soaked … Read more

Poha masala recipe

Stuff5-6 servings2 cups poha2 large finely chopped onions3 finely chopped green chilies10-12 curry leaves1 tbsp Rai1/2 cup oil1/2 tsp turmeric powder4-5 tbsp singe danasalt to taste1 cup chopped coriander1/2 lemon wateras needed Scraped coconut Method Take two cups of poha during a bowl. Put 4 cups of water in it and keep it soaked. When … Read more

How to Make Poha – Recipe of Poha

Fast foods like catering and catering in India have a one-to-one snack. , there are different types consistent with the variability in several regions and likes. I might wish to like poha poha Whether it’s a festival day or any big day, there’s always some guest coming to my house, and when there’s a guest … Read more