11th Admission | Jumped from 10th to 11th, classes started after admission

Nagpur. With the effect of Corona decreasing, now schools have opened from 8th to 12th. After 9th the examination of students who reached 10th was not taken. The result has been prepared on the basis of valuation. Now these students have directly reached in 11th class. This is the reason why there is enthusiasm among the students to reach the junior college. The classes have also started after the completion of all the major stages of the admission process.

Schools have been started following the Corona rules, but the situation is that teaching is being done by giving admission to all the students who are coming. Due to Corona, the 10th examination of the students was not taken. Even complete knowledge of many subjects could not be found. This is the reason that now in 11th class students will have to work harder. Teachers will also have to work harder on the students. Now senior colleges will also start from October 20. After this, the brightness will increase further. Teachers say that the students have suffered the most. Although the students have reached 11th standard but they are backward in terms of knowledge. There is still confusion among the teachers due to the lack of clear orders by the Education Department regarding reducing the syllabus.

Extra classes will be held in Diwali

Along with 11th, classes for 12th have also started. Colleges with morning shift are seeing good attendance of students, but due to the gap of 18 months, studies have been directly affected. Many students are lagging behind in online study. Now that the classes are being held directly, the students have to work harder. After a few days there will be Diwali holidays. Many colleges have planned extra classes during Diwali holidays so that syllabus can be completed on time.

Four rounds completed so far

Till now 3 rounds have been done for 11th admission. After this a special round was also taken. Now once again the date of admission has been extended till October 18 if seats remain vacant. Also, students who qualify in the supplementary examination will be given admission. So far, out of 59,195 seats in 218 junior colleges of the city, only 32,461 seats have been admitted. About half the seats are still vacant.

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